Dear Valued customers, TDK Metro Terminals is scheduled to provide VGM Scaling service beginning July 4th 2016. Please see details and follow instructions as provided below:

  1. Cost for service will be $65 per VGM ticket
  2. VGM ticket will be emailed directly to the customer (driver will not receive copy of the ticket)
  3. Please ensure account is set up prior, for billing purposes. A) credit card authorization form. B) credit application. Email to get set-up. Account must be set up prior to service being provided. Credit payment terms are 30 days.
  4. Email with container number , seal number , and approximate ETA of container to TDK. (*containers without email notification will be rejected at gate and will not be scaled*)

For any questions regarding this service please email us at or call 604-515-4806.

Thank you and have a great day!

TDK Customer Service

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