1)    TDK office staff will communicate to customers, partners, vendors of possible traffic congestion and provide options to assist in preventing congestion.

2)    TDK will have available staff trained and certified in traffic control compliance.

3)    TDK will have available staff to control inner yard traffic by placing trained staff at corner 1 to assist in moving congestion.

4)    TDK will have available staff on standby to control traffic on Cundy drive if there are more than 6 trucks on the above street.

5)    TDK will have available staff on standby to control traffic on the corner of Cundy Ave and Audley Blvd if the number of trucks on Cundy Ave are greater than 6.

6)    TDK will have available staff on standby to stop truck traffic on Cundy Ave and Audley Blvd (between Cundy Ave and Derwent Way) and have traffic control person hold drivers on Derwent Way until trucks on Cundy Ave are cleared or less congested.

7)    Effective March 1st, 2019, TDK will be extending yard hours to 23:30, to assist in spreading out trucker traffic.

8)    **TDK will provide certified traffic control staff on Derwent way at “S” curve when required.

9)    **Delta By-law will email TDK CY operations to assist in dispatching traffic control staff, when by-law is notified of traffic congestion by neighboring businesses.

- /

To all concerned, 

In collaboration with Delta By-law enforcement and co-operation with neighboring businesses on Annacis Island, TDK METRO Terminals has designed a traffic control plan to assist in alleviating street congestion and to improve traffic safety, for vehicles going to and around TDK METRO Terminals. 

This plan will be broadcasted to customers, partners, and vendors using TDK’s services. Trial implementation will begin early May 2018, and mandatory compliance will be enforced starting June 1st, 2018. 

By-law and enforcement partners will be monitoring the traffic plan and will ticketing parties that are found to be in non-compliance. By-law will also be notifying TDK of companies and drivers that are in non-compliance. Parties found to be violating TDK traffic plan requirements may be subject to: 

1)    Verbal /written warning

2)    Return to back of line / Gate refusal

3)    Driver ban (hourly / day / week / lifetime)

TDK staff will implement a “3 strike” policy with individual drivers that are found to be non-compliant with TDK protocols and procedures. These will be documented and provided to driver’s employer. 

TDK Container Yard Driver Traffic Requirements

A) Drivers will be required to take designated route on Annacis Island as per map below.

Enforcement officers will be in place to monitor.

B)    Drivers are not to block any neighboring driveways and must be clear or either side by a minimum of 2 meters (6 feet). It is suggested to have clearance of 3 meters (9 feet) on either side of driveways.

C)    No drivers destined to TDK Container Yard is to be lined up / idling on Audley Blvd between Derwent Way and Cundy Ave.

D)    Drivers going to TDK must obey instruction from TDK traffic control officer that will be located on either:

i)    TDK gate house

ii)    Corner of Cundy Ave and Audley Blvd

iii)    Corner of Audley Blvd and Derwent way

E) Any drivers without proper booking or release information are not permitted to entire line-up area.

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